You are Not “SPecial”

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There, of course, is an important realization that needs to be made about everyone you know and people you have not met.  The fact that people are not unique in this world.  There is nothing one human has does that another human cannot do either it w=has been proven several times over.  Does that mean you are not significant, of course not?  Everyone on this planet is essential.  Their importance comes from their own individual impact on the earth.  Does that mean people are more important than others, to me no?  We have the ability, and we have the intelligence to learn anything we want.

We are so powerful that not only can we learn from our own shortcomings but we can learn from the failures of others.  We are an essential part of something much bigger than ourselves.  The fact that we are each a part of something makes us an essential part of the world.  The critical aspects of being aware of your importance allow you to become anything you choose to become.  People who feel unimportant or not significant try to bring others down because their misery loves company.

You do not have to be brought down a matter of fact by becoming whatever you want allows other people to see that what they want is also attainable.  When that happens, we all become better and more of who we each chose to be.  The ability to see smaller things on a grander scale allows people to have different values and help people realize everything they do has an impact on other people.  We can create a life where we all have self-worth and we all allow other to value themselves as well.

Overwhemled Mind

Raise Life To The NExt Level

The mind is a powerful piece of the human body.  The ability to see things that do not exist and ability to think about things that have already occurred.  The best way to explain the mind is by comparing it to a computer.  The brain itself can be a powerful tool or your worst enemy.  When there is too much data on a laptop, it slows down. The computer, depending on the processor, will stop working if it is given too many things to do at once.

The laptop can eventually catch up, but there is a waiting period before that happens.  The mind works in the same way as a computer in that sense.  The more things we try and process at the same time the more we actually slow down.  The point of matter to have a better system you need to control your mind and be present on what you are thinking.  The brain is always active, and it still provides things we need and do not need.  The key is to create a mind that is free from the burden and does not have a lack of concentration.  Our minds can picture a thousand animals, but we can only see one very precisely at a time.

I say this to bring the point we have to relax our minds sometimes.  We get so overwhelmed or so caught in everything we are surrounded with we forget to relax and calm down.  We currently live in a world where there can be overstimulation of our senses, and that affects our minds.  The ability to be present in what you are doing stops that confusion from happening.  The point is to take time to relax and maybe meditate or pray or whatever your beliefs are and just slow down.  When you slow down your mind things, and problems in your life seem to have clear answers.  All the stress and anxiety or your life just melt away.

Question Everything

Raise Life To the Next Level

Knowledge does not come from pretending to know something it comes from admitting that you do not do something.  The most successful people in the world have always questioned everything in their lives.  I say the questions they asked reflected who they were as people and helped them accomplish great things within their lives.  The belief that you are uncertain of some things allows you to always learn something new.  Assuming that you know everything shuts you off from the opportunity for growth and expansion internally.  It does not matter what changes happen on the outside it is the internal changes that affect yo the most.

Do not accept things as they are which is a habit I am in now.  Being able to adequately express my lack of knowledge allows me to gain insight.  The more you question things in life, the more things start to open up for you.  Your question could change how people see the world.  The best inventions were derived from questions.  Why can a human not fly? Why can we not control light?  Why can a human not run faster? Why can’t we cure a disease? Understanding the concepts behind questions allows people to indeed accomplish more and more things.

Think of a time where you had an opportunity to ask questions and did not.  Think of a time you asked the question and then found out the answer for yourself.  Practicing questioning the world every day and you never know where you will be.  Change who you are, then you will be something entirely different later on in life.  If you can start this today, it will allow you to have a new insight into the world and make a real impact.


Raise Life TO The Next Level

The keys to anything I feel is the theme of being able to sacrifice something in our lives to achieve something else.  Of course, the worst part of giving something up is that you do not know what you will get in return.  I will be able to give away things that require no real risk to me as a person.  I will give up wearing a hat I like because it is too small for my head or vice versa.  Within that same context, I can not give that hat up if it was given to me by someone who died or someone I cared about the changes the amount of the sacrifice.  When the value of a decision changes it effects our ability to walk away from something.

The most successful people in life have sacrificed something in their lives to have success.  The most prominent examples relate to relationships, careers, and our own self-perception.  One of my favorite points is that you have to be able to sacrifice who you are today for you to be able to achieve something tomorrow.  I can not do this as quickly right now because I got comfortable.  That is the worst part of sacrifice is when there is a comfortability then we have the most difficulty changing.  It is always the hardest to let go at those moments even when we know we are on a sinking ship.

The perfect example is the hurricane Katrina people lost so much and hand to sacrifice their homes for their lives.  I know to some people this would not be a sacrifice, but for others, it was all they had and all they see so the context was changed.  I wanted to strive to shift this willingness for me to sacrifice anything I can to be the best version of myself.  What are you willing to sacrifice to become something else?

Today is Tomorrow

Raise Life To The Next Level

One thing I disagree with a lot of people on is the fact that we should be thinking of the future always.  I feel this overwhelming burden of making sure that we focus on the future is not necessary.  I feel like we have the opportunity to fix our problems today.  If we want to have more money, then get into the habit of doing it today.  I do not think we should have to plan out five or ten years just have the right mindset today.  Always wake up forget yesterday and do it today.  I see this apply best to things like exercising or diet.  Just wake up today and say I am going to work out and focus on the day you are in.  When you do this consistently every day, you create a better you over time because you are not thinking g of the next day you are looking at what you can do today.

The key is to make sure that you are always doing your best to make sure you still do what you can today.  If you wanted to save money ten years for now, then do it today.  If you say today, I am going to keep cash and you wake up the next day and say today I am going to save money before you know it you will have 10,000 dollars.  The key to being successful is our habits and consistent behaviors we do every day.  We can either be worried about the mistakes we are going to make over the next five years, or we can just focus on doing our best today.  Do not worry about the failures and errors you have made just use your day.

I am not saying do not set goals I am just saying change how you frame your goals.  Instead of I want to fifty pounds say I want to live a healthier lifestyle because that is a job that is never over.  The idea is ongoing forever.  Instead of in ten years, I want to be ten million dollars richer just say I want to create wealth.  The difference is the way the problem is viewed as ongoing versus something that is temporary.  We have to remember that every day is a new day and the future is scary, but it is still a modern day.  I am not always in the best mood today, and I am not always happy, but I can make sure I use my day.  I can make sure today is a day I do everything I want to do then my future will become better.

What is This leading to?

Raise Life To The Next Level

You know when I started this path I am currently on I knew I was just going through the motions.  I was not living, and I did not appreciate what I had.  I have to catch myself now from being in the same position.

I do not know what will happen n the future, and I do not have a plan, but I have goals and hope.  With the confidence I have I it should prepare me for something else in the future.

People say that your lows define whether or not you make not further than you were before you fell.  That you have to humble yourself and accept where you are currently.

All I feel now is mostly guilt from not being able to stand up and not being able to help my family.  The understanding of my feelings shows me that I am not happy and I do not feel comfortable.

Sometimes I say things like I do not have specific abilities to overcome this point in my life and I should stop trying, but I do not because it becomes down to faith that there will be an opportunity that is there somewhere waiting for me in the future.

I have never had to live with myself until now.  It interesting that we need to be alone to rediscover who we are a people.  I spent so much time defining myself for others I forgot to take care of myself or figure out who I am.

I see the value in the process of growth and redevelopment into myself as a person.  The ideas that I need to change who I am and become something else entirely.  To turn myself into something better can only help me become better as a person.

Spend some time with yourself and It will define who you are as a person.  It will change your path when you get to the deep within yourself and then I hope you find what you need.

Race is “Important”

Raise Life To The Next Level

Race doesn’t matter.  The truth that culture, customs, and traditions those are important but the sport really is not.  I believe that ethnicity has value but race does not have value at all.  I feel the more people relate those ideals the further behind we are as a society.  Ethnicity implies that people came from different places and grew up with different customs and ideas.  Race suggests that people are different colors.  I really never understand race anyway.

The truth is that there are people who have decided to perceive themselves as whatever they want.  You do not have to be what other people want you to be and decide for yourself who you choose to be.  I always find it funny when I see people focus so much on the color they are than what they can bring to the table.  I feel it started with the idea of people look different that has to mean something right, people looking different.  The is evidence that color makes up less than 1% of your DNA and it really has no scientific value.

Cultures, tradition, and heritage have value. Not the things of what we look like.  It is the same as making assumptions about someone’s intelligence based off of height.  It is not reliable to make that assumption because there is no correlation between the two.  You have to be able to value the person not what they look like.  Its the same if someone were able to read a book faster than someone else which people assume the other person is slower or not as intelligent, but other factors influence that.

I see all over society what we look like has to equal something of importance, but it does not.  A person who dresses in a uniform for a company can do the job no matter what the person’s hair or complexion is on the outside.  It is why some people have changed their names and changed the way they think to accommodate another group and make them feel more comfortable, but it really based on nothing.  I say know who you are and stand by that and let that define who you want to be.

Whats wrong with Gay

Raise Life To The Next Level

This post is the important to point to make that will make people upset and happy I suppose.  The reason I am writing this post in the first place because I was having a conversation with a family member about whether it is ok to be gay or not.  I feel. Personally, it does not matter whether you are homosexual or straight because at the end of the day you a still people.  I have not always felt this way, but I have been open to understanding that my own personal misperceptions were getting in the form of what I truly believed.  I do get uncomfortable in situations where people are gay, but it does not have to be presented as hatred or fear because I do not like something.  I feel that when it comes to this people hide behind their beliefs or their own insecurities to cover up the simple fact that they are uncomfortable.

When we as humans do not understand something different, we tend to fall back on what we know to be true as opposed to what is actually right.  I have learned to always assume I do not see everything.  The key here is not to let your on problems lash out on to other people.  I personally know people who are gay, and there is no difference to anyone else and they are not a different species still human.  I don’t see how people get so worked up about other things that do not really affect anything.  It is easy to say I do not like something when I do not understand it because that is a defense mechanism that is used by many humans and animals.  The key here is that despite all of the differences we have there is more in common with each other than it is different.  I believe our mind is programmed through instincts to watch out for things that are perceived as a threat to our on stable thinking.  If something confuses someone, it disrupts the normal function of the brain, and it has to come up wit ha way to explain this new phenomenon.

The key here is that change is always occurring around us, so we either adapt or merely ignore the difference.  I say be who you are and be happy.  I feel enough people in this world pretend to be something they are not.  You should be that same energy into becoming who you really want to be so you can be happy as well.

What to do?

Raise Life To The Next Level

When I first started the post-college job hunt, I realized man I don’t know what I want to do.  I took a minute and thought about everything I said I liked doing and realized it was all nonsense.  I really had my mind made up of fake principles I developed as a way of protecting myself from other people.  I really thought my life goal was to die in some heroic way and something spectacular and meaningful, but I see now that I do not know what I should do.  When you work for something a while and realize that you hate it, after makes it seem like you wasted your time investing in the venture.  The difference between broke and rich people is the amount of money but the mindset that they had.  I recently was looking at this book, and it said there is a difference between fame and recognition.

If you want to be famous, it is a more personal and selfish goal.  If you’re going to have the credit, it is nobler and requires effort related to others.  I thought at that point I wanted to be recognized, but really I just desire fame, and I did not know it until I looked at this book.  Understanding this does not mean I still do not want to help others, but it also does not help me either by having this desire.  The problem with wanting this is clearly related to some inadequacy in myself from the idea that I am not good enough and I know that know and can acknowledge it.

Raise Life To The Next LevelThe need to find what to do still drives me right now.  I realize that doing many things can distract your focus and lead you really to accomplish nothing.  It is the equivalent of opening an ice cream parlor, a funeral home, a hotel, gym, and an airplane company.  I know some rich people have this, but that is after first focusing in on the specific area first then after that was successful using that knowledge to achieve other ideas.  I see spreading yourself all over the place is just doing random things and without that purpose, there is no success, because there is not something specific that you want to do.  The correct approach to fix this problem is to focus on one thing you care about and go all in.  Really commit to it and build upon it by learning as much about that industry as possible.  Using this premise allows people to see that you are passionate about it and do actually care about what you are talking about.

What is Life Raise?

Raise Life To Another Level

Life Raise is a principle that defines who I want to become.  I have a goal now to learn as much as possible and adapt those habits of people I want to become.  The Life raise is also a premise that started because I hated myself and was not happy.  I know that is not a great premise to start something, but it has to lead me to an understanding that I can change what I am.  I have trolled around most of my life meaninglessly without any real purpose or focus.  SOme things like school were accessible to me, so I did not focus on it much and still was able to do good.  I also do not know what my real end goal is yet and do not have a real five-year plan at all.

  I know that I want to write as much as possible to get some understanding of my own thoughts.  That is the truth behind Life Raise, and it did not have significant beginnings, but it will have a high end.  It is os vital to me that the Life Raise message stands out because it is away from me to grow as a person.  The initial help was to benefit me and make myself better because I knew that I could be a better person.   I now see that this idea of Rasing your life to the next level is more than for just me but for other people as well.  I am starting my Life Raise journey now, and some others are well into their trip, but I know this mission is full of failure and growth.

I really do not want to have to take this rode alone, and I see that there are others who what to make their lives better as well.  Maybe they are trying to improve relationships, happiness, or career.  All of these are things that we can change and grow a better understanding.  The Life Raise message and brand is something that will resonate with me moving forward, and I hope it does with you as well.  I really want to know what you think about this as well.  I know that we can accomplish whatever we have to do for our Life to Raise.  I see that striving every day to grow can only make all of us better because it is never too late to start and it is never too early to begin.  What do you think? I challenge you to Raise something in your life and share what that is with others, so it makes it concrete.

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